Friday, November 19, 2010

: Dijual/Barter Vespa 1962 Orisinil

Motor Piaggio*: Dijual/Barter Vespa 1962 Orisinil

Harga (Rp.)*: Rp 30jt nego

Deskripsi Motor*: Vespa tahun 1962, semua msh orisinil, kondisi 90%, tgn kedua, semua surat lengkap.

Nama*: Sierra

Kontak: porsche1881@hotmail.com

Gambar: Picture 002.jpg

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Buying used Piaggio Vespa

  1. Before doing any contact to the seller, compare the scooter's rate price with another (scooter) ads with exact matched specification. Many piaggio - vespa is modified by it's owner, affecting the price. So there may be wide range of price available.
  2. While contacting the seller, please check that he/she is a trusted seller. Search he/she email addresses in online forum, so you won't be the victim of a serial scam.
  3. When you finally meet with the seller, met them in a accessible place / public place. Check item's condition throughly according to the advertising.
  4. To make sure that the vespa you will buy is not a stolen one, validate item's paper to local authority.