Thursday, November 18, 2010

motor Vespa , Kongo Pasukan Garuda III 1963, 30,Jakarta Timur

Motor : .Rp. 30 jt
Location : Jakarta Timur.
Date : 17 November 2010

Purpose: For Sale. Merk: Vespa. Type: Kongo Pasukan Garuda III 1963. Year: <1980. Location: Jakarta Timur. Address: Jl. Bina Karya Rt 007/Rw001 No 77 Pondok Kelapa. Price : Rp 30.000.000. Nego?: Yes. Contact Name: Susanto/Jeff. Contact Telepon: 081315902278/08568889282. Short Description: Di jual Vespa langka tahun 1963 jenis kongo, BPKB atas nama sendiri dan tertulis dari pasukan garuda III yang di kirim tugas ke kongo, minat silakan hub Bapak Susanto (081315902278)atau Jeff (08568889282)Kondisi sesuai yang ada di gambar. Date Posting: November 17, 2010.

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Vespa, Congolese troops Garuda III, 1963, 30, East Jakarta

Price : Rp. 30.00 mil.
Item : Motor : Vespa– 1980.
Seller :Contact : Jakarta Timur..

Purpose: For Sale. Brand: Vespa. Type: Congo troops Garuda III 1963. Year: <1980 . Location: East Jakarta. Address: Jl. Bina Karya 007/Rw001 Rt No 19 Pondok Kelapa. Price: USD $ 30,000,000. Nego?: Yes. Contact Name: Susan / Jeff. Contact Phone: 081315902278/08568889282. Short Description: In 1963, selling rare species Vespa Congo, BPKB on behalf of itself and written from the third eagle of the troops sent to Congo duty, interest please hub Mr Susanto (081 315 902 278) or Jeff (08,568,889,282) according to the existing condition in the picture. Posting Date: November 17, 2010.

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Buying used Piaggio Vespa

  1. Before doing any contact to the seller, compare the scooter's rate price with another (scooter) ads with exact matched specification. Many piaggio - vespa is modified by it's owner, affecting the price. So there may be wide range of price available.
  2. While contacting the seller, please check that he/she is a trusted seller. Search he/she email addresses in online forum, so you won't be the victim of a serial scam.
  3. When you finally meet with the seller, met them in a accessible place / public place. Check item's condition throughly according to the advertising.
  4. To make sure that the vespa you will buy is not a stolen one, validate item's paper to local authority.