Monday, April 11, 2011

: Vespa excel 1989

Motor Piaggio*: Vespa excel 1989

Harga (Rp.)*: 3.9jt nego

Deskripsi Motor*: Askum muanya boz.ane mau numpang jualin mtor temen ane.langsung aj ya boz.nie vespa sbnrnya oke bgt2.tpi temen ane lg kepepet uang.vespanya excel thn 89.warna biru original,msin tinggl gazz aj ga pake dandan2 segala.tanpa ad oli yg netes.pajek panjang atas nama sdri.pokonya nie vespa allhmdlh tinggal pake aj boz.lbh jelasnya HUB.085883388399 JAK-TIM.Buka hrga 3.9jt nego boz.

Nama*: Riyan

Kontak: Hub.085883388399.langsung kepemiliknya.

Gambar: Foto032.jpg

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Buying used Piaggio Vespa

  1. Before doing any contact to the seller, compare the scooter's rate price with another (scooter) ads with exact matched specification. Many piaggio - vespa is modified by it's owner, affecting the price. So there may be wide range of price available.
  2. While contacting the seller, please check that he/she is a trusted seller. Search he/she email addresses in online forum, so you won't be the victim of a serial scam.
  3. When you finally meet with the seller, met them in a accessible place / public place. Check item's condition throughly according to the advertising.
  4. To make sure that the vespa you will buy is not a stolen one, validate item's paper to local authority.